Jason Reid

Jason Reid was born in London, Ontario, and spent his formative years in Hensall, Ontario, a small farming community (population 1300) that sits a mere 10 minute drive from the shores of Lake Huron. He has a Bachelor’s degree in history from Carleton University, and a Master’s degree and PhD in American and Canadian history from York University. Jason has spent much of the past 19 years teaching at several universities, presiding over courses on legal history, the history of childhood and youth, and popular culture. His most recent book — Get Out of my Room! A History of Teen Bedrooms in America — examines the historical roots of teen bedroom culture, placing special emphasis on how economic, demographic, and technological change, the emergence of social scientific ways of thinking, and the rise of a powerful consumer-oriented teen culture made the “own room” custom possible during the 19th and 20th centuries. Basically, his book explains why so many American teenagers expect to have rooms of their own nowadays — and why parents often regard this as a reasonable demand. In an attempt to avoid being known as the “teen bedroom guy” for the rest of his life, he has begun writing a comedic novel about a small town that erupts into civil war during the late-1990s. He looks forward to writing something that doesn’t require the creation of footnotes.

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