Eric Botts

If Eric Botts could be any non-human animal, he’d be an elephant because something about a gigantic beast at the center of his ecosystem, terraforming the Earth for the benefit of smaller lives really appeals to him. (There’s probably some strange Freudian analysis to be made on that point, but let’s not get into that.) He first started nerding out about animals while earning his MFA in nonfiction writing at George Mason University. His writing, which tends toward the esteemed genre of navel-gazing, has appeared in the literary journals Permafrost, Ricochet, and Kalliope. He has other dreams too, ones not related to being an elephant. For instance, someday, he and Meg Sipos hope to start a greasy vegetarian breakfast diner, where all the dishes will taste amazing but have disgusting names like “Scrambled Garbo” and “Toasted Bucknut.” For now, he’s teaching college freshmen at George Washington University how to gaze at their own navels.

See Eric Botts at the “Live Taping of Bestiary Podcast” Saturday, October 14 at 12:30 p.m. at George Mason University. Click for details.