Summer’s Hottest Reads

Whew! It’s a scorcher outside. Beat the summer heat and curl up in the AC with one of our hot picks for summer. These books are lit!


Elizabeth Hand’s collection Fire. combines fiction and nonfiction to tell tales of everything from post-apocalyptic terror to time-travel romance. The title story is a harrowing postapocalyptic adventure in a world threated by global conflagration. It follows a ragtag cadre of scientists and artists racing to save both civilization and themselves from fast-moving global fires.

See Elizabeth Hand on October 14th with the “Fire and Floods: Eco-thriller Fiction” panel. Click for event details.

Massive Cleansing Fire

In biting prose, Dave Housley’s fourth short story collection Massive Cleansing Fire casts the end of the world in a humorous light as it glows in the embers of the apocalypse. The linked collection features a range of characters–from clowns to cameramen–in situations that all literally go down in flames.

See Dave Housley on October 12thClick for event details.


The second book of A. J. Hartley’s YA Steeplejack series follows Anglet Sutonga, a former steeplejack in Bar-Selehm who now works in Parliament. A demagogue proposes extreme measures to get rid of refugees in the city, and Ang soon discovers that one theft could spark a conflagration of conspiracy that threatens the most vulnerable of Bar-Selehm. Unless she can stop it.

See A. J. Hartley on October 14th with the “Tor Teen Panel.” Click for event details.

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