Beck Environmental Lecture: Sounding the Alarm

Beck Environmental Lecture: Sounding the Alarm

Harris Theater, George Mason University

 Thursday, Oct. 10 @ 6 p.m.

The Beck Environmental Lecture is sponsored by Robert and Lucy Beck.

The future is being transformed by climate change, faster and more dramatically than we realized. In New York Times bestseller The Uninhabitable Earth, David Wallace-Wells tells the epic story of our time. He asks key questions—how will the map of global power shift as coastlines are redrawn?—and reminds us that everything is within our control, so long as we resist complacency.

Wallace-Wells moves beyond “what must be done” to investigate “what will the world actually look like.” Neither a scientist nor an environmental activist per se, Wallace-Wells is a celebrated journalist who has spent his life living in cities, and adds a much-needed focus on storytelling and the humanities, as well as a look at geopolitical and economic consequences. How will humans live together on a degraded planet? Will carbon become a central topic of the 21st century the way human rights were to the 20th? How will the dynamic between nations shift as a result of divergent climate impacts? How are public sentiment and political action changing? This, he says, is the moment to truly engage with what climate change really means.

Wallace-Wells is the Deputy Editor at New York magazine, where he writes a column on climate change, and where his viral cover story “The Uninhabitable Earth” was published to widespread acclaim. Formerly the Deputy Editor of The Paris Review, and a National Fellow at the New America Foundation, he is the co-host of the 2038 podcast, which interrogates predictions about the next two decades.

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