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Use this curated list of Fall for the Book’s 2020 past and upcoming virtual events in the classroom!
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For Kids & Teens

Events specifically geared toward elementary and middle school students.

Tackling History: Historians vs. Journalists

Nancy Kennedy and Tim Grove explore the wide world of fact vs. fiction and what it means to be a journalist and a historian.

The Extraordinary Educational Journey of Frederick Douglass

Shana Keller tells the story of how Frederick Douglass taught himself to read and write. She then invites students to try learning letters in a new language just like Douglass—with a downloadable worksheet.

Tips and Tricks for Compelling Creative Writing with L.M. Elliott

L.M. Elliott advises students on best practices for producing compelling, realistic writing and leads a creative writing exercise.

Joy Jones

Jayla Jumps In: Community and Double Dutch

Joy Jones teaches the importance of group sports and collaboration. Students will have the opportunity to learn new Double Dutch moves and try other creativity-building activities.

It's About to Get Real: High School, Heartache, and Searching for Home

Four young adult fiction authors discuss how they tackled the themes of problems in love, school, and life in their novels.

History Lessons

In-depth explorations of fascinating events in history, best suited for high school students.

The Culture of Calamity with Cynthia Kierner

Cynthia Kierner explores how communities from Jamestown to Johnstown reacted when faced with epidemics, earthquakes, and other disasters.

David Marwell event

Unmasking the "Angel of Death" with David Marwell

David Marwell's biography of Josef Mengele cuts through layers of myth to examine the man who came to represent the horrors of the Nazi death camps.

Black Lives in America's History, Literature, and Present Day Culture with Keith Clark and Karla Slocum

Karla Slocum explores historically black communities, and Keith Clark analyzes the themes of Ernest Gaines’ literature through the lens of 21st century America.​

Halloween Special: The Curious and Chilling History of Shapeshifters

John Kachuba discusses the folklore behind the things that bump, hiss, and howl in the night, from vampires to werewolves and other form-shifting creatures.

The Missing Soldiers of the Vietnam War: Conversations with Sarah Wagner

Sarah Wagner explores the stories of the nearly 1,600 American soldiers who went missing in the Vietnam War and the families and friends who still search for them.

Inspiring Speakers

Influential writers exploring big topics. Best suited for high school students or advanced middle school students

Abby Wambach Event Graphic

"All Women Everywhere:" Power and Teamwork with Abby Wambach

Soccer champion Abby Wambach talks about the ways girls and women can rise up, both as individuals and as a team, against the difficulties they face.

Remembering the Revolutionary: Featuring the works of Dr. Toni Morrison, Chinua Achebe and John R. Lewis

Fellow writers and academics examine the works of these landmark writers.

Beck Environmental Lecture Image

The Beck Environmental Lecture: All We Can Save

Dr. Johnson discusses her anthology, which gathers the poetry, prose, and art of women at the forefront of the climate change movement.

Teaching Living Poets with Fairfax Poet Laureate Nicole Tong and Kimiko Hahn

Poet Laureate Nicole Tong and poet Kimiko Hahn discuss the importance of teaching the works of living poets to help ignite the imaginations of their students.

Renee Knake Jefferson

Upending Injustice: Women and the Supreme Court

Renee Knake Jefferson examines the barriers faced by women aspiring to the Supreme Court and the stories of nine women who were nominated but passed over.

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