Breaking the Victorian Glass Ceiling

Breaking the Victorian Glass Ceiling

Wednesday, October 27, 12 pm via Crowdcast

About the Event

From the medical tables to the séance parlor, two authors explore the stories of groundbreaking and norm-bending Victorian women. Emily Midorikawa’s Out of the Shadows: Six Visionary Victorian Women in Search of a Public Voice, tells the stories of influencial women who gained fame and fortune by using their clairvoyant gifts to break gender and class barriers. Bookpage says, “Midorikawa unveils the triumphant, tragic and deeply unconventional lives of six of the Victorian era’s best known spirit mediums.” In Women in White Coats: How the First Women Doctors Changed the World of Medicine, Olivia Campbell uncovers the remarkable stories of three pioneering women who broke gender boundaries and earned medical degrees, creating medical care for women by women. Author Claire Evans calls the book “an engrossing portrait of a transformative moment in Victorian medicine, when women doctors demanded the right to heal and be healed.”

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Olivia Campbell

Olivia Campbell is a journalist and author specializing in medicine and women; her work has appeared in The Guardian, the Washington Post, New York Magazine and The Cut, among others. This is her first book.

Emily Midorikawa

Emily Midorikawa is the author of Out of the Shadows: Six Visionary Victorian Women in Search of a Public Voice. She is also the author of A Secret Sisterhood: The literary friendships of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontё, George Eliot, and Virginia Woolf (co-written with Emma Claire Sweeney). Emily’s writing has appeared in the likes of the Paris Review, The Times of London and the Washington Post. She is a winner of the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize, and teaches at New York University London.

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