Halloween Special: The Curious and Chilling History of Shapeshifters

Saturday, October 31st 12:15 p.m. via YouTube

About the Event

Join author John B. Kachuba for our Halloween special as he discusses the things that bump, hiss, and howl in the night. Whether it is dark creatures like vampires—who in folklore could shift from bat to man—or werewolves, whose human skin stretches and contorts to that of a creature of our worst nightmares, people have always been fascinated by the idea of the form-shifting creature. But where do these myths originate from, and what can our night terrors and goosebumps tell us about our everyday lives and culture? Kachuba’s new book, Shapeshifters: A History, explores these questions and many more. Kachuba was a finalist for the Bram Stroker award for Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction, and currently teaches creative writing at Ohio University.

YouTube Exclusive

John Kachuba

About John Kachuba

John Kachuba is the award-winning author of twelve books and numerous short stories, articles, and poems. He teaches Creative writing through Ohio University, the University of Cincinnati, and the Gotham Writers Workshop. He is a frequent speaker on radio, TV, and podcasts and at universities, libraries, and conferences in the US and abroad. John is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Historical Novels Society.

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