What We Talk About When We Talk About Intersectional Feminist Publishing

Saturday, October 17th 3 p.m. via Zoom

About the Event

So to Speak, GMU Creative Writing and Office of Student Media’s intersectional feminist literary magazine, is almost 30 years old, and has had a longstanding mission of upholding the voices of marginalized authors. Over time, the journal has grown and evolved, and so has its outlook on feminism. Editors across the years have worked to keep So to Speak a landscape that encompasses a breadth of perspectives and intersections of identity. At this event, for the first time since its founding, the journal’s founders, past editors, and current editors will be coming together for a conversation on how So to Speak has changed; its mission and the work that it does in the world; and how we can continue to amplify and platform marginalized voices for years to come. We invite past and present So to Speak editors to attend, as well as readers, contributors, and anybody else interested in intersectional feminist publishing and So to Speak.

The event will feature current editors Kyra Kondis, Danielle Williams, and Amanda Ganus, as well as past editors, including founder Colleen Kearney Rich.

About So to Speak

So to Speak (sotospeakjournal.org) was founded in 1993 by an editorial collective of women MFA candidates at George Mason University. It has served as a space for feminist writing and art for nearly 25 years. As our journal has evolved over the years, so has our outlook on feminism. We believe in an intersectional feminist outlook which includes, advocates for, and amplifies the perspectives & experiences of marginalized individuals.

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