Patriot of the World: Travel and Discovery with Robin Hemley

Thursday, September 17th 7 p.m. via Crowdcast

About the Event

Witty and pulsing with energy, Robin Hemley’s book, Borderline Citizen: Dispatches from the Outskirts of Nationhood, focuses on his journey across the world, and the way such a trip impacts the mind of its traveler. Hemley discusses his struggle with understanding just what it means to be a part of a nation, and where the boundaries of that nation and patriotism end. Author Jeff Sharlet called it “Quite possibly the most original travel book published in years.” Hemley is the author of 12 books in both nonfiction and fiction, and is the founder of NonfictioNOW, an international conference in nonfiction. This event is part of Mason’s Visiting Writers Series, Presented by the Creative Writing Program and Mason Libraries.

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About Robin Hemley

Robin Hemley is the author of 12 books of nonfiction and fiction, and is the Founder of NonfictioNOW, the world’s leading international conference in nonfiction. A graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, he returned to Iowa for nine years, to direct the Nonfiction Writing Program. A Contributing Editor to The Iowa Review and on the Advisory Board of Fourth Genre, he has many years publishing experience, including five years as the Editor of The Bellingham Review, where he founded The Annie Dillard Award in Nonfiction and The Tobias Wolff Award in Fiction. His most recent book is Borderline Citizen: Dispatches from the Outskirts of Nationhood.

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