Choose Your Own Twine Adventure

Thursday, March 25, 7 p.m. via Crowdcast

About the Event

Did you love Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid? Then log in and learn how to make an online text adventure story with Alex Boyd, who teaches interactive fiction at the University of Central Florida. Audience members will help Alex re-imagine a classic tale by creating forks in the road, surprises, and alternate endings using Twine, a free online program for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. No coding experience is necessary to participate, and you can build the story at home along with Alex! 

This event is brought to you by Fall for the Book and the Gaithersburg Book Festival.  

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About Alex Boyd

Alex Boyd is a Digital Media MA student and received his BA in Game Design at the University of Central Florida. He will be completing his MA in the Spring of 2021. His current academic work is focused primarily on video games and interactive/experimental internet art. Alex is currently working on his thesis examining independent games and their representation of death in western society. He is fascinated by all aspects of game design both digital and analog and is always up for discussing them!

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