Institute for Immigration Research New American Voices Award

Lysley Tenorio wins 2020 New American Voices Award

Founded in 2018, Fall for the Book and the Institute for Immigration Research created an award to recognize recently published works that illuminate the complexity of the human experience as told by immigrants, whose work is historically underrepresented in writing and publishing.

If America is a country of immigrants as it is often described, then the quintessential American literature would be the literature of immigration... Hopefully these new voices will make us step back and look at ourselves with new eyes, and new hope and new meaning.
Helon Habila
2018 Judge

2020 New American Voices Award Finalists

Previous Winners

Left to Right: Head judge Helon Habila, Diane Portnoy, 2018 New American Voices Award winner Hernán Díaz, and George Mason President Ángel Cabrera. Click to read more. 

2019 New American Voices Award winner Melissa Rivero. Click to read more. 

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